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I love butterflies.

They are colorful.

They are happy.

And they even symbolize belief in something good and beautiful that may come our way.


For all these reasons, and also for I am a real crochet maniac, I thought it would be great to make about 120 of them.

Plus 20 flowers.

I’ve had the best time ever!


The butterflies and flowers have found their place in my newly opened shop.


They are waiting there for a crafty person to adopt them and use them in some super cute project.





P.S.: Tomorrow we are leaving for a super-fun-four-day holiday. I can’t wait. I’ve been waiting for that holiday for ages. As usual, I am planning to take a zillion pictures. At least! And I will sure share the cutest of them here with you.



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A new bag has been born.

I guess somebody had a picture of full-blown spring or summer on her mind while making it.

Can you feel the sunshine?

And the sweet smell of flowers in bloom?



Of course, there’s an inside pocket.


Actually, what would life be like if there were no cute pockets inside our bags?

Not a life for me, I’m sure.



There’s a cheerful yellow lining inside.


And the bag also has a removable adornment.

Just to make things a bit more fun.


A bag to brighten up your days.


I’ve created an online shop yesterday.

From now on, I’ll be placing there some of the thingies I make.

To get inside the shop, just click the banner named ‘My Shop’ placed in the right column of this page.


When you click the banner, you will get here – into my super-secret, super-small shop.







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Here they are.

The crocheted purses.

This is what I’ve been working on recently.



This one is gray and has four big happy flowers.

Hm, which is exactly what the picture shows.



The side view.



It has a lining.

For the things inside to stay perfectly safe.



And it also has an inside pocket.


I love making these purses so much.


The purse number two.



This one has a tassel.



It has a lining and a pocket too.



The third one.



I love the shape.



And I adore the flowers.

They are so much fun to make.



The lining.


The pink pocket inside.



And the tassel.



All three of them, side by side.


There’s also a lovely orange one that I am finishing just now. It’s ultra happy and positive. I’ll be posting the pictures as soon as I take them.


And probably there will be an online shop soon so I can share these babies with the world.


Have a wonderful day, dear friends!




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I’ve prepared a little picture story for you.

It documents the past weeks of my life when I was feeling a little under the weather.


The sickness arrived vigorously, it ate almost all my energy and left me chewed up, dumbstruck and confused. As a result, I was spending all my time lying in bed, staring at the ceiling or at the wall alternately. Just as I was considering to learn some voodoo to make my zombie life perfect, luckily, another idea came to my mind.

I grabbed some yarn…


… and crocheted, and crocheted, and crocheted.

I had just enough energy to do that. That and watching stand-up comedians for hours on end.


I was making purses.

And purses, and purses, and more purses.

Purses overload.

I loved it.



Actually, I loved it so much that I bought this ‘toy’ called ‘Ota’.

Me and my toy Ota are trying to make nice linings for the purses.


I’ll show you the whole purses as soon as I make nice pictures of them.

Which will be soon.


And then there’s another thing.

I also got this yarn.

This yarn, with a little help from above, should turn into cute, little teddy-bears.



Look, they are almost alive.

That’s their little eyes and noses inside the box.

I can’t wait to start.


So, as you can see the story of my sick days wasn’t that sad after all.

And, fortunately, I am starting to feel much better which means that I have enough energy to cook and will post a yummy recipe soon.


I hope you are doing fine, dear friends.

Have a wonderful day!






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Here it is.


Last time I showed you these squares.

They were so much fun to make.

You can find the tutorial here.


After I finished the squares (and stared at them lovingly for about three hours) I went on and crocheted them together to make two panels.

One panel has more yellow in it, the other one has more green tones.

AND, I’ve found out that by crocheting things together I can make the seams look so much neater.

Love that.


The last thing I made was a long strip that I used to join the panels with.

And again, I connected the panels and the strip by crocheting them together.

That’s a good thing to do.



There’s one more ‘last thing’.

The really last thing that I am considering to do with this bag is to line it with fabric.

And here’s where I’d like to ask you, dear skillful crafters out there: Have you ever done that?

(I mean lining a bag with fabric.)

And have you ever done that by hand?

(I mean lining a bag with fabric.)

What do you think?

Is that and easy job to do?

(I mean lining a bag with fabric.)


And thanks.


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Let me introduce my new addiction to you.

It’s crocheted granny squares, everybody.


This is what I am talking about.

If you come somewhere these days and find about 20 squares like these lying around you will know I must have been there.


What I like about them?

They are colorful.

They are cheerful.

And they can be easily transformed into awesome things like coasters, rugs, or purses.

And in my world those things rule.


So far I’ve made a few coasters and plan to make a purse.

Actually, the purse is half-finished and I can’t wait to show it to you.


But until then, here’s a little picture tutorial showing how to make a very simple granny square.

You’ll need 4 different colors of yarn and a hook.


1. With first color, CH 4 and join to first ch with a SL ST to form a ring.


2. CH 3 (counts as first double crochet now and throughout), 2 DC in ring, CH 1,*3 DC, CH 1 in ring three times. Join with a SL ST to the top of the first ch 3.

Finish off.


3. With a second color (I am using blue here) join yarn with a SL ST (or any way you prefer) to any ch 1 space.


4. CH 3, 2 DC in ring below, 1 TC, 3 DC, CH 1 in same space. *3 DC, 1 TC in ring below, 3 DC, CH 1* in each chain 1 space around. Join with a SL ST to top of first ch 3.

Finish off.


5. With third color (I am using red here) join yarn with a SL ST to any tc stitch. CH 3, 2 DC, CH 1, 3 DC, CH 1) in same stitch [this is starting the corner of your square]. *Skip next 3 dc, in ch 1 space 3 DC, CH 1. 3 DC, CH1, 3 DC in next tc. CH 1.*

Repeat  *…* two more times.

Skip next 3 dc, in ch 1 space 3 DC, CH 1. Join with a SL ST to top of first ch 3.

Finish off.


6. With the first color join with a SL ST to any corner ch 1 space. In same space CH 3, 2 DC, 1 TC, 3 DC, CH 1.


*Skip next 3 dc, in ch 1 space 3 DC, CH 1 two times. In corner ch 1 space 3 DC, 1 TC, 3 DC, CH 1. Repeat from * two more times. Skip next 3 dc and crochet 3 DC, CH 1 in two next chain 1 spaces. Join with a SL ST to the top of first ch 3.

Finish off.


7. With fourth yarn (I am using black here) join with a SL ST to corner tc stitch. In same stitch CH 3, 2 DC, CH 1, 3 DC, CH 1.


*Skip next 3 dc set, 3 DC, CH 1 in ch 1 space; repeat two more times. 3 DC, CH 1, 3 DC, CH 1 in corner tc stitch. Repeat from * two more times.

Skip next 3 dc set, 3 DC, CH 1 in ch 1 space; repeat two more times. Join with a SL ST to the top of first ch 3.

Finish off.


And that’s it.


Here I’ve made a square using a slightly different color scheme.

Though I haven’t strayed too far from the previous one.


I am sure that once you create your first granny square you won’t be able to stop. Just like me.

It is such a relaxing and satisfying activity.


Bye for now, dear friends.

Next up – Granny Square Purse.




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Hand made caps.

My Mom’s made them.

This winter.


A purple cap.

Love the color.

Love the pom-pom.


They all have pom-poms.


I like the pattern.

And the colors, too.


This might be my most favorite one.

I love all shades of gray.

For some reason.


Cute, cute, cute.



It’s totally in the genes.

With me it’s mostly slippers and purses that I feel this strange need to produce in dozens. My Mom, on the other hand, makes cap after cap after sweater after cap after sweater… after cap.

I love her.


Hey, guys! Do you also have an obsession that runs in your family and you love it?

I need to know…


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