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Lazy Walking

Lazy walking outside is my sweet joy these days.

I do a lot of it because I need to get my lymph pumping and stuff.

The whole experience is utterly magical. Especially when I take my camera with me and we hunt for some lovely eye candies together.


Even the simplest things look so cute.

… if you want them to…

Don’t you think?


I love simple things.

They make me happy.



Sweet lilac.

I find its smell the most delightful and amazing in the whole nature.

It’s head-spinning good.


I hope you are having a wonderful spring and the world around you makes you happy.





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Earth Day – Yay!

To celebrate this wonderful day I am posting a few snippets from my Mom’s garden.

Because my Mom and Dad’s garden could possibly be the most beautiful place on Earth.

This is an apple tree in bloom.

If I were a bee, I’d land on one of those wonderful flowers right away.

But I am not.

So I won’t.

A lovely tulip.


Pear tree just about to bloom.


And guess what this is…

Oh, you don’t have to ’cause I’m gonna tell ya.

It’s a gorgeous walnut tree that is coming into leaf and flower soon.

Have a wonderful Earth Day everybody… and enjoy!

And now, please, excuse me, I am going to buy some eggnog (… to celebrate the day properly. No, I am not an alcoholic, I just like eggnog. Or, dang…, is that what all alcoholics say? Hm… doesn’t matter… CHEERS!).

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Spring Is…

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”Robin Williams

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The other day we went for a trip.

OK, it wasn’t a trip per se.

We headed to a nearby city for some business, to be exact. So WAIT, it was a trip – a business trip.

But then, to me, everything is a joyful and enjoyable trip, because I like to live that way. I twist the accurate reality into whatever I like it to be. I have that ability. Just give me a chunk of any reality and I’ll turn it into whatever you wish for. Maybe I should start a business with that.

On the way back – driving towards the setting sun – I screamed with excitement suddenly, and made my BF pull over the car.

The grass, I noticed, was so verdant and captivating that I just couldn’t not take a picture of it.

That would lead to my – both physical and mental – disintegration.

As soon as the car came to a stop, I ran into the field and got down on my knees to scrutinize that dazzling perfection.

That Petra is a complete freak,… poor, poor her.

I heard ya!

The subsiding, golden rays of light were creating a true soul-warming scenery.

Real pleasure to look at.

In photography this is called ‘golden light’, and it is definitely my favorite light throughout the day.

I would have probably been lying there on the spring, muddy ground forever (read: till my memory card would get filled up), taking pictures of the magnificent grass from each possible and impossible angle,  if it hadn’t been for my beloved boyfriend who kindly informed me that it was time to go.

So home we went happily.

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I love hunting for beauty.

I love that sweet feeling it brings when I find it eventually.

It’s absolutely worth all the effort.

My heart thumping with excitement, my head spinning with joy.

With the help of my beloved camera (yes, beloved, I’m sorry… but it just happens to be so), I capture that glittery snippet of reality and keep it as a trophy forever.

Sweet, sweet feeling…

I love looking at things from different angles.

I love the different perspective.

There’s a lot of magic to be found when you shift your point of view slightly.

I love closer looks.

To watch the nature’s heartbeat from afar – not disturbing it, yet still being able to caputre its intimacy – is very precious to me.

Oh… and there are a lot more things that I love about  photography… and I will surely share them with you when the time comes…

Until then, enjoy!


Petra, The Escapist

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Yesterday afternoon caught me wondering when the real spring was coming.

After the long, cold winter the weather is becoming slightly milder around here where I live, and the days are significantly longer then they were just a while ago.

Which leaves me feeling like dancing on clouds.

But I want more, I need more, that’s just not enough for me…

My curiousness became so unbearable it made me go outside and perform some serious investigation.

After certain difficulties involving wading through mud and things I’d rather left unspoken I found this…


Please, feel free to express your gratitude in e-mails because this is some important research indeed.

Wonderful buds… they will soon be bursting with unbelievable amounts of life.

Of course, I will be posting the pictures of these trees in bloom as soon as it all happens.

Because there is nothing like a cherry tree dressed in white.

At least I think so…

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Recently, I posted a couple of wonderful and captivating photos of swans.

Luckily (… at least it might have appeared lucky), I captured them in motion… which provided for even more interesting twist to these already magnificent animals.

What I’d like to clarify today is… aside the fact that I am apparently becoming a paparazzi… that it was really difficult to capture those rare moments.

Really, really difficult.

Because I was given only like ten thousand chances to snap the birds flying, swimming and using many other creative ways of transportation to move from one side to the other.

And that was  all thanks to this wonderful family and their glorious outing by the river… feeding animals like crazy.

A picture like this was no exception that day.

And now you have the clue where the birds are trying to get  and what’s all that urgency about.

It’s all about FOOD!

Food, baby…


Thank you dear family… it was real fun meeting you.

I’m sure those swans will love you forever and beyond.

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