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We went for a short holiday a couple of days ago.


There was a lot of water.

There was a motor boat.

There was a lot of nice food.

And most of all, there was a lot of laughter, relax and great time.

Oh, and there was a lizard, too…


Here are some moments that I captured to share with you:










All the pictures show a picturesque European country called Hungary – the land where we love to come back again and again and again.

I guess it’s something in the air there that makes us come back.

Or maybe it’s in their wine.

Anyhow, we are in love with that place.

(Despite the lizard.)




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We visited Vienna on Sunday.

The point was just to wander around a little.


Oh, how I love that place.

It’s simply stunning!

Frankly, there are two reasons why visiting Vienna is always a pleasure for me – the buildings are unique, magnificent and so full of history and the ice-cream is just lovely.

I hope you didn’t expect any more sophisticated reasons.

The folks over there seem to take pride in their deep and colorful history.

Don’t they look nice?

I also found these girls.

They are undergoing construction and look all excited about it.

I had never thought I’d ever find this much beauty under scaffolding.

Oh, and look what I found!

The Christmas Market has already started.

There’s punch, mulled wine and gingerbread overload.

Holy yum!


And then there was this cat.

I just had to show it to you.

And this inspirational felted bag.

And this crafty happy birdie.

Love it!


Dear Vienna,

I am really glad that you exist.

Hope to see you soon.



Your devoted and maniacal visitor.


<img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-8478″ title=”vienna” src=”https://zoomyummy.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/vienna-2.jpg&#8221; alt=”” width=”510″ height=”340″ />


This is artificial mistletoe that shines at night.

Isn’t that fun?

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See the picture?

I’ve taken it.

It proves that I don’t write and think about food only. Sometimes I leave my kitchen for a little while to go for a trip and visit some strange places. (Hm, now that I think about that trip, I just remembered that I had a really awesome sandwich prior to taking these photos. It was yummy!)

Anyhow, in my life there surely are other issues than food that catch my attention.

Like, food photography, for example.

Oh, yeah, you’re right. That’s still very much about food.

Hm, there has to be something else that interests me. I am a sensitive and caring human being, after all.

YES, now I remembered!

The next thing I really care about are my personal issues.

They are fun!



For example, I like to climb onto very strange vehicles.  They carry my high in the mountains. But that’s not the issue. This one is simple to solve. I’m too lazy to walk and too eager to take nice pics from high above.

The issue that I want to talk about is my nervous breakdown that I seem to go through each time I find myself in a stressful situation.

The breakdown lasts for about five minutes.

And it’s wild.

And beastly.

And on this particular trip it started right after they had sat me in the blue chair that you see in the picture.

Right now, when I am taking this picture, I am cursing the day this insane passenger ropeway was built. I am cursing the grass below for not being more soft and cushy. I am giving my man a threatening look because he dares to breath and rock our seats as a result. And most of all, I am cursing myself for not wearing a parachute on my back.

Mere five minutes later I am the king of the world. I am enjoying the cool fresh air, I am reveling in the beauty around and I am tapping my man on the knee saying: “Lovely, huh?”.


I can’t reverse that thing although I know it is coming.

When the stress begins I get convinced that I am a goner any time soon.

When the five minutes have passed and I come to my senses a wide smile appears on my face and you wouldn’t find a more careless person in the whole wide world.

But those five minutes – you don’t want to be near me when they are happening.

You just don’t.


Which makes me think of my man right now. Poor him, he gets to be near me all the time.

Lord, bless his kind and precious heart.

I doubt this guy has his 5 beastly minutes.

Though, he might – when he meets a photographer who takes photos right IN HIS FACE.

Luckily, we were heading in opposite directions. Which is the only occasion when I dare take pictures of strangers.

I am that courageous.

Hm, I think I’ve just revealed my next issue…

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It’s becoming a regular habit of mine to show you the photos that I’ve taken during our weekend trips.

So if I see the cutest monkeys over the weekend nothing in this world will stop me from showing them to you.


Except for a limited internet connection.

But other than that, nothing.

This time it was Zoo Győr in Hungary.

The zoo is rather small, but I’ve come to a conclusion that it’s good that way.

You get entertained from the first second on and before you know two hours of the best fun have passed.

There’s no time to get bored.

Or no time for your legs to start hurting.

Which is really great.

Baby monkey: “Mama, can I be a crocodile when I grow up?”

Mama monkey: “Sure my dear, sure.”

Monkey love.

The Emu.

It was standing very close to me.

Also, it was taller than me.

For a second I thought I was going to leave without my left eye.

Or my camera.


The mischievous Llama.

He’s decided to go for a stroll all by himself.

Cute… that’s probably the only thing that his caretakers didn’t have on their minds at that very moment.

They would rather have seen a fence around him.

The Llama waited for the chasing guys here and there and allowed them to approach to a distance of about two steps just to start running again.

I like Llamas with humor.

The South American Coati.

They love taking naps in the tree tops.

Just like me.


Very cute friends.

Don’t you think?


Who knew giraffes love cherries?

I didn’t.

Hi guys!

Want a cherry?

If by any chance you find yourself in Győr one day, now you know there’s a lot of cuteness there for you to see.


The Cuteness Seeker


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Sometimes me and my man spend our weekends doing the strangest things.

Like watching ships getting in and out of huge chambers.

Unbelievably huge chambers!

Even to a girly girl like me, this process was completely captivating.

Oh, and also, this is my first animation.

I’ll explain how to put it together later.

It can’t be simpler to make.

See you soon!



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At the Zoo

This is not my new pet.

This gorgeous funky/horror looking buddy is a penguin. Would you guess that?

We found and befriended him over the past weekend while visiting a very special place – the oldest zoo in the whole wide world – Zoo Vienna.

Man, was that a gorgeous trip.

I loved all the animals.

And I also loved all the popsicles I happened to eat.

By the way, do you think three is too many?

I’m actually asking whether three is too many popsicles to eat, not if three is too many animals to see in a zoo?

Well, who knows…

So, anyhow, I had three. But to my defense, it was very, very hot and we walked about 700 miles and in the end I thought I was seeing a gorilla while I was actually looking at a squirrel.

Oh, yeah, that’s me.

There was this underground corridor which led to a glass dome in the middle of a prairie dogs’ field.

And I love prairie dogs.

So I just had to squeeze myself in there.

Made for kids or not, attractions like these I simply cannot resist.

And then we met this buddy – Fred the Seal.

He’s huge.

The picture captured the moment when he was putting on his best smile just to get a nice juicy fish from his caretaker.

Nice smile Fred!

I use the same face when I want a sweet treat from someone.



And a big splash.

And screaming kids soaking wet.

And a lot of joy around the pool…

It just happens so, that in every zoo we visit I fall in love with some animal.

So far, I adore prairie dogs, Kiran (I love you! I miss you!) and now I heart seals more than I could ever imagine.

I wonder who’ll dazzle me next…

Whoever that will be, I’ll definitely let you know…

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Time Flows

What would you guess this could be?

It’s my new find.

Now you are surely thankful for how nice I’ve explained it.

Yes, I am a truly natural talent in the field of explaining.

Anyway, I’ve found the pretty thing in this town.

Oh, how I love that place.

And I forever will.

Since my personal history started to form there before I was even born.


Well, my parents happened to meet there.

Besides my personal history, this cute little town is also very famous for its long, successful gold-mining era.

You can feel the history breathing in every street and around every single corner.

And it’s not bad breath.

No, no, no.

Not at all.

I got astonished when these clay slates appeared in front of one of my eyes.

(The other one was closed because I wasn’t wearing my sunglasses and the sun was too strong.)

These slates depict various parts and milestones of the town history.

Can you imagine history being shown and taught in any better and more fascinating way?

It’s utterly amazing.

I’d grant the person who’s created these wonderful pieces of art the Nobel Prize.

I so would.

Can you see the little text snippets?

They were captivating and fun to read.

For a person fighting attention deficit disorder – like me – this is just gorgeous.

A picture and a short text.

The best combination for staying focused.

If only history textbooks were made this way when I was little.

That would have saved me years and years of banging my head against a wall.

I even got tempted to find out what these Latin mottoes meant.

This one, for example, should be something like: ‘Time flows‘.

If I’m right.

Which I’m not sure.

I wonder how you say ‘Eggnog flows’ in Latin.

Since I’d rather learn that than ‘time flows’.

Anyway, I love when things are user-friendly.

There’s nothing better.

Maybe just that eggnog.


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