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New Look

Hello, dear friends.

I have some exciting news for you!

I am soon changing the look of this site. Yay! It will be brighter, more fresh, more colorful… can’t wait to show you.


But before I cross that bridge I would like to let you know of these little technical details:

1. When the change happens, you will only be able to find me under WWW.ZOOMYUMMY.COM.

So yes, for most of you nothing really changes.


2. There may be some of you, though,  who used to visit me via http://www.zoomyummy.wordpress.com – this address will not be updated anymore. Please, change your bookmark to http://www.zoomyummy.com. Thank you!


3. Dear EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS of mine! Please, if you want to STAY SUBSCRIBED to my site, visit my new site (www.zoomyummy.com) and subscribe to it again. You can find the ’email subscription box’ in the right sidebar. Thank you so much!
(For this I am really sorry, but I was not able to keep your subscriptions active. Ugh!)

The RSS subscriptions should be working all right.


If you have any questions, please contact me at zoomyummy(at)gmail(dot)com.

Have a wonderful day!


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An Explanation

Hey guys!

You may have noticed that recently this site has been a little strangely unbalanced – a little more crafts and a little less cooking and recipes.


I’d just like to let you know that I haven’t lost my mind and my cooking-obsessed self.

Not at all.

I still am that devoted foodie. And I still plan to flood this site with loads of delicious recipes for you to enjoy.


The reason why my cooking pace has slowed down lately is caused by the fact that I’ve been a little ill recently and I have been spending almost all my days trying to find the reason to my problems.

Which I haven’t found yet.


So there it is.

Thank you for your understanding.

You’re the best.


And don’t worry, I’ll still be posting. A little less, but I will.


Love you.



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Happy Valentine’s Day


Some of us are happy in our relationships and surrounded by people we love and who love us back.

Some of us are not.

And that’s exactly where delicious food enters the game with its magical ability to make everyone happy.


So whether you stand left or right on this field, these yummy thingies can make your soul sing:


Scrambled Egg Muffins.

They are cute, quick to make and with the addition of cut out pepper hearts they make a great idea for a lazy brunch.


Molten Lava Cakes.

These make a clear statement.

I mean, this is very much what sin looks like.

A perfect, sweet sin.


Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits – heaven in a glass.


Or how about making this fluffy Roulade with Strawberries and Cream.

Because where there’s cream, good things are likely to happen.

And on top of that, this roulade is amazingly simple to prepare.


And this dish… this dish, my dear friends, is the direct way to a man’s heart.

It is Chicken with Heavenly Creamy Sauce.

Tested and proven.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Pure love.


I wish you the most beautiful Valentine’s.

Love you, guys.



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Hi, dear friends.

I wish you the most beautiful Monday and the most wonderful week.


Anyway, I just finished a new pair of slippers.

I like these. Probably because they are pink. And they have flowers. That all makes them girly. And I love girly.

Just wanted to let you know.

Because how could you possibly go on without information like this?



Also, I wanted to let you know, in case you haven’t seen it yet, that I’ve prepared a simple tutorial on how to make crocheted slippers like these. Just for you.




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