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Let me introduce my new addiction to you.

It’s crocheted granny squares, everybody.


This is what I am talking about.

If you come somewhere these days and find about 20 squares like these lying around you will know I must have been there.


What I like about them?

They are colorful.

They are cheerful.

And they can be easily transformed into awesome things like coasters, rugs, or purses.

And in my world those things rule.


So far I’ve made a few coasters and plan to make a purse.

Actually, the purse is half-finished and I can’t wait to show it to you.


But until then, here’s a little picture tutorial showing how to make a very simple granny square.

You’ll need 4 different colors of yarn and a hook.


1. With first color, CH 4 and join to first ch with a SL ST to form a ring.


2. CH 3 (counts as first double crochet now and throughout), 2 DC in ring, CH 1,*3 DC, CH 1 in ring three times. Join with a SL ST to the top of the first ch 3.

Finish off.


3. With a second color (I am using blue here) join yarn with a SL ST (or any way you prefer) to any ch 1 space.


4. CH 3, 2 DC in ring below, 1 TC, 3 DC, CH 1 in same space. *3 DC, 1 TC in ring below, 3 DC, CH 1* in each chain 1 space around. Join with a SL ST to top of first ch 3.

Finish off.


5. With third color (I am using red here) join yarn with a SL ST to any tc stitch. CH 3, 2 DC, CH 1, 3 DC, CH 1) in same stitch [this is starting the corner of your square]. *Skip next 3 dc, in ch 1 space 3 DC, CH 1. 3 DC, CH1, 3 DC in next tc. CH 1.*

Repeat  *…* two more times.

Skip next 3 dc, in ch 1 space 3 DC, CH 1. Join with a SL ST to top of first ch 3.

Finish off.


6. With the first color join with a SL ST to any corner ch 1 space. In same space CH 3, 2 DC, 1 TC, 3 DC, CH 1.


*Skip next 3 dc, in ch 1 space 3 DC, CH 1 two times. In corner ch 1 space 3 DC, 1 TC, 3 DC, CH 1. Repeat from * two more times. Skip next 3 dc and crochet 3 DC, CH 1 in two next chain 1 spaces. Join with a SL ST to the top of first ch 3.

Finish off.


7. With fourth yarn (I am using black here) join with a SL ST to corner tc stitch. In same stitch CH 3, 2 DC, CH 1, 3 DC, CH 1.


*Skip next 3 dc set, 3 DC, CH 1 in ch 1 space; repeat two more times. 3 DC, CH 1, 3 DC, CH 1 in corner tc stitch. Repeat from * two more times.

Skip next 3 dc set, 3 DC, CH 1 in ch 1 space; repeat two more times. Join with a SL ST to the top of first ch 3.

Finish off.


And that’s it.


Here I’ve made a square using a slightly different color scheme.

Though I haven’t strayed too far from the previous one.


I am sure that once you create your first granny square you won’t be able to stop. Just like me.

It is such a relaxing and satisfying activity.


Bye for now, dear friends.

Next up – Granny Square Purse.





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Just recently I brought a story about the Photoshop Crop Tool and what gorgeous role it plays in my life.

Surprisingly, the story seems to be expanding into a series.

This is part two…


This is the original picture with no editing at all.

And this is my new crop.

Okay, I might be the only person on Earth who thinks so, but that line of ice-cream-licking heads – that’s too cute and funny.

I just love those ladies!

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I know people who need to travel seven seas or spend a fortune to find things that would amaze them.

All I need to do if I need a little heart-warming therapy is to visit my Mom’s garden.

To my surprise, it looks different every time I see it. And it always looks amazing.

It’s my wonderland.

My Mom carves faces out of… guess what?

Building blocks.

A mushroom.

Too cute.

I’d also love to be a person who notices an old building block and immediately sees a mushroom in it.

Another one.

A toadstool.


These guys have to be really thankful for having been released from those boring cuboid shapes.

Hello beautiful lady!

You could have been built into a house wall.

Now you are very special.

See? Life gets truly amazing sometimes.

Mom also carves out of wood.


Those nuts in the foreground are for Noemi.

Noemi is a squirrel.

She visits the garden every day to grab one of the nuts that Mom has prepared for her.

Even I got to see her once.

I’d say that Noemi is one very lucky squirrel.

In addition, Mom also paints on stones.

Just for fun.

I couldn’t resist and had to have a sneak peek into her atelier, too.

And this is what I found.

Next to seven million Mom’s paintings hanging on the wall there was Michael. In all his 3D beauty and splendor.

Mom likes Michael.

She greets him every time she walks into her atelier to work.


See? I told you. The world around my Mom is a wonderland.

I can’t wait for the next visit…

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My Mom’s paintings are very interesting.

They are rather abstract.

There’s one shape that, I guess, my Mom captures in most of her pictures – I can see at least eight of them in the one above.

Okay, I’ll give you a tiny little hint: it starts with ‘B’.

And ends with ‘B’ too.

And has two ‘O-s’ in between.

Do you see them now?


Yeah, my Mom is fun…

When working in her atelier she usually enjoys the company of this little darling.

Her name is Georgina.

She is my little sister – kind of Mom’s youngest child.

Since it’s still rather cold in Mom’s atelier Georgina has to be dressed properly.

She usually wears two layers of clothing to keep her perfectly warm – a sweater and a coat.

Not only does she have every single item there is for a dog to enjoy, she is also growing up in an artful environment.

I think she might be the happiest and the luckiest dog in the whole wide world.

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My Mom Is Gorgeous!


This is my Mom’s new oil painting.

I have said it many times before –  my Mom is just gorgeous!

She is the kindest person in the whole wide world and she has always been my greatest inspiration.

I love you Mom!

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Little Sunday Art

Things like these don’t happen very often I suppose.

You are surely familiar with the situations when you really want something, you spend hours thinking about it, imagining what life would be if you had it but for some reason you are not so sure whether you should spend that money … . You just can’t decide.

So you rather end up running those sweet dreams in your head over and over again.

I wanted Photoshop.

For quite a long time.

But it is expensive.

And I should be frugal.

But I wanted it… .

I wanted it SO MUCH!

And then, that one bright sunshiny day, while I was lying on the sofa writhing in my usual photoshop-craving agony, my boyfriend came to me wondering what was wrong.

He asked (in that careless kind of tone as if he was saying that he’d just finished his meal or something) why I wasn’t using GIMP. “It’s like photoshop but for free,” he said.

“Well, why I don’t use it?”


“Ehm, because I didn’t know about it.”

“That’s why!”

That was a straight jump from agony to ecstasy.

So I downloaded it (for FREE, because it is for FREE!!!) and have used it happily ever after.

In fact, I still am a beginner, I have much to learn.

But it is so much fun and excitement to work with such a lovey.

Today I played with my older picture from here.

I was in a mood to express my deepest artistic feelings, so, with pleasure, I gave in to them.


This is the original picture.


Here I applied an artistic filter.

It is called Van Gogh.

I like it’s dreamy glow.


The “GIMPressionist”. On canvas!


Oil painting.


And Cubism.

This one is wicked!

I love it.

What about you?

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