New Look

Hello, dear friends.

I have some exciting news for you!

I am soon changing the look of this site. Yay! It will be brighter, more fresh, more colorful… can’t wait to show you.


But before I cross that bridge I would like to let you know of these little technical details:

1. When the change happens, you will only be able to find me under WWW.ZOOMYUMMY.COM.

So yes, for most of you nothing really changes.


2. There may be some of you, though,  who used to visit me via http://www.zoomyummy.wordpress.com – this address will not be updated anymore. Please, change your bookmark to http://www.zoomyummy.com. Thank you!


3. Dear EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS of mine! Please, if you want to STAY SUBSCRIBED to my site, visit my new site (www.zoomyummy.com) and subscribe to it again. You can find the ’email subscription box’ in the right sidebar. Thank you so much!
(For this I am really sorry, but I was not able to keep your subscriptions active. Ugh!)

The RSS subscriptions should be working all right.


If you have any questions, please contact me at zoomyummy(at)gmail(dot)com.

Have a wonderful day!



Bubble Fun

Blowing bubbles can be real fun.

Especially if you take your camera with you and find that dear special someone who’ll assist you in this exciting game and will make bubbles for you.

Furthermore, it is a great exercise for your shooting skills. I know it because that is how me and my man spent all afternoon yesterday.

Try it!

It’s awesome.




The Holiday

We went for a short holiday a couple of days ago.


There was a lot of water.

There was a motor boat.

There was a lot of nice food.

And most of all, there was a lot of laughter, relax and great time.

Oh, and there was a lizard, too…


Here are some moments that I captured to share with you:










All the pictures show a picturesque European country called Hungary – the land where we love to come back again and again and again.

I guess it’s something in the air there that makes us come back.

Or maybe it’s in their wine.

Anyhow, we are in love with that place.

(Despite the lizard.)



I love butterflies.

They are colorful.

They are happy.

And they even symbolize belief in something good and beautiful that may come our way.


For all these reasons, and also for I am a real crochet maniac, I thought it would be great to make about 120 of them.

Plus 20 flowers.

I’ve had the best time ever!


The butterflies and flowers have found their place in my newly opened shop.


They are waiting there for a crafty person to adopt them and use them in some super cute project.





P.S.: Tomorrow we are leaving for a super-fun-four-day holiday. I can’t wait. I’ve been waiting for that holiday for ages. As usual, I am planning to take a zillion pictures. At least! And I will sure share the cutest of them here with you.


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