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I don’t post videos on this site very often but once I saw the dear creature called Marcel my heart had almost burst with love and affection.

I just knew I had to share…

Oh, and I’ve decided to adopt this little guy!

That’s for sure.

Enjoy, dear friends!



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Last weekend we visited a zoo.

I know, these institutions might not be perceived positively by some, but I assure you that the animals in this zoo receive very good care and loads of love.

And this is where we happened to find the cutest baby in the whole universe… a little baby orangutan.

It is him.

Being one year of age, his main activity throughout the day is to have as much fun as physically possible.

And in his case, that is A LOT…

It took him about half a second to get from the above position…

… to this.

Then a very special dramatic gesture ensued…

… followed immediately by rolling over and grabbing a piece of a nutshell (because nutshells are just so much fun!).

And of course, striking the cutest pose imaginable was a must.

You’ve won my heart baby orangutan.

If you had a Twitter account, I’d follow you right away.

Nevertheless, I have this strange feeling I’ll see you again very, very soon…

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My New Year’s Resolution

I am definitely sure about my New Year’s resolution.

I have promised to myself I am not going to be so curious.

Because so far I have been soooo curious.

It doesn’t show on my face yet but one day it might!

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Wanna be in a better mood?

Wanna lift your spirits?

OK then, there you go … .

This is gonna be instant!


And can you see that one in the back.

He is already rolling on the floor, he’s gonna laugh his guts out.

What do I hear you saying?

You want some more?

Well, here you have it!


Better, haaa?

P.S.: My Mom makes these guys, can you imagine? She’s unbelievable, that’s what she is!

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